Reading list: The Impact of Physical Illness on Professional Relationships

(These are mostly mine, though there are some by other authors)

Segal, Julia. (2017) The Trouble with IllnessHow Illness and Disability Affects Relationships. Jessica Kingsley, London, UK (Has a chapter on relationships involving professionals)

Julia Segal 2007 The effects of Multiple Sclerosis on relationships with therapists. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy  Vol 21 No 2. June.  pp168-180

Segal, J.C. (2006) Counselling people with disabilities and chronic illnesses: a psychodynamic approach. In S. Wheeler (ed).  Difference and Diversity in Counselling: contemporary  psychodynamic perspective.  Basingstoke, UK, Palgrave Macmillan

Segal, J.C. (2003) Your feelings or mine? Projective identification in a context of counselling families living with multiple sclerosis.  Psychodynamic Practice 9 (2) : 153-171

White, Andri. 2011. There by the grace of… Therapy Today Vol 22/ Issue 5 pp10-14

Segal, J.C. 1998 The role of a parent’s illness in the emotional experience of a child: evidence from Klein’s Narrative of a Child AnalysisPsychodynamic Counselling 4. Nov 1998. pp487-504  Paper written for the 80th birthday of Hanna Segal.

Julia Segal and John Simkins. Helping children with ill or disabled parents; A guide for professionals.  Jessica Kingsley, London, September 1996   pb £15.95

Leslie Swartz  (2011) Able-Bodied – Scenes From A Curious Life

Julia Segal: Review: Leslie Swartz Able-Bodied – Scenes From A Curious Life. Psychodynamic Practice vol 17 No.2 May 2011 p 223-226  (my email address given wrongly)

Jeffrey N. Gingold 2006 Facing the cognitive challenges of multiple sclerosis  Demos, New York.

Segal, Julia 1992. 2nd Edition 2004.  Melanie Klein:  Key Figures in Counselling and Psychotherapy. London, Sage Publications.

Segal, J.C. (1985)  Phantasy in Everyday Life, Pelican Books. Reprinted Karnac Books 1995, 2005 London, and Aronson USA 1996.

Julia Segal.  2011 Failing to publish Outcomes data… BACP Journal Volume: 22 Issue: 6

Julia Segal. 2011 In praise of sadnessThe Independent Practitioner (BACP’s specialist divisional journal for counsellors and psychotherapists working independently.)  Spring 2011 pp6-9

Julia Segal, Sue Baker, Elisabeth Koerber and Elizabeth Arbiser 2010  Working with brain damaged clientsTherapy Today March  pp 22-26  (Paper in journal of the BACP on the work of Psychotherapeutic Practitioners in Neurology)

Julia Segal: 2009  Flirting with death: the effects on relationships of surviving a life-threatening illness. Psychodynamic Practice.  Vol 15 No 1. February pp77-83

Ruth Archer: 2006.  Dual Realities : The Search for Meaning : Psychodynamic Therapy with Physically Ill People. Karnac Books London

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