Julia Segal: Unpublished papers available

Relating to others and the self in the context of Multiple Sclerosis. Paper given to Neuropsychoanalysis Conferrence in Athens, June 2012

Applying Object Relations Theory to Contemporary Psychotherapy.  For Confer 31 October 2011

Psychodynamic counselling in the context of CNS damage. Paper given to Neuropsychoanalysis Study Group, London March 2011

Power Point presentation on Envy for Confer, October 2008

Flirting with death: the effects on relationships of surviving a life-threatening illness. Paper given to Oxford Psychotherapy Society  3 October 2007

Powerpoint presentation: Ill Parents, Well Children? Centre for child mental health conference  May 2007

The Burden of Shame and Guilt: ‘Working through’ with children, young people and adults.

Powerpoint presentation  for first Platform session  Children with MS RIMS 2006 Annual Conference, Barcelona : Growing up with MS

Working with people with MS in a UK National  Health Service setting; the effect of MS cognitive problems on professional relationships.  Keynote Paper given at conference in Naples, 25 November 2005.  Shortened version given to RIMS Special interest group on  psychology and neuropsychology. 2006, Barcelona

Powerpoint presentation for RIMS 2004;  Psychology. Current issues in psychology for people with MS. 

Intimacy and Social Support.  Paper/power point presentation given at  MS Nurse Workshop (Serono) Vienna, Austria, 5th October 2004

Depression, Mourning and MS.   Short handout for workshop, ‘Coping with Depression’  MS Professional Network – UK conference Extending our Reach, Stirling Management Centre,  24th September 2004

Royal Society of Medicine Symposium : Unhappy Families: Roots, Understanding and Possible Solutions. Tuesday 8 June 2004, Breakout session:  Physical illness of the parent .  List of references also available. 

Supporting Children of Parents with MS.  Unpublished paper given at RIMS (Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis) Conference, Bad Windsheim, Germany; May 1997.  A paper describing ways in which nurses and other rehabilitation professionals may make things worse or better for children.

Mourning and MS

Paper for RIMS Venice 2000.

Do I care?  Sexual relations in advanced MS.  Paper given at  RIMS bowels and bladder and sexuality Clinical Care Committee  (SUBDIMS)  March 17th 2001

Draft paper on cognitive dysfunction and its effect on the family.  Cogdysf.doc

Sexuality in MS;  paper given at SUBDIMS  March 2002

Projective Identification; lecture given  29.4.02

Powerpoint presentation for RIMS 2004;  New Trends in MS Management; Psychology. (Together with Paiive Hamalainen, Neuropsychologist)


Mourning and MS.  Poster for RIMS (Rehabilitation in MS – Europe) Conference Venice, 2000  Can be emailed

Living with MS Cognitive Problems   Poster for RIMS/CMSC  (Rehabilitation in MS – Europe/ Confederation of MS Centers – USA) Conference, Chicago 2002  Can be emailed


Handout for Medical Students, North West London Hospitals neurology rotation

Handout for trainee Counsellors ; working psychodynamically with people with MS or other physical health conditions

Working with/ living with MS cognitive problems

Unhappy Families: Roots, Understanding and Possible Solutions.

Physical illness of the parent.  Including references  28 March 04

Depression, Mourning and MS.

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