Julia Segal Publications: books


Segal, Julia. (2017) The Trouble with IllnessHow Illness and Disability Affects Relationships. Jessica Kingsley, London, UK

Segal, Julia 1992. 2nd Edition 2004.  Melanie Klein:  Key Figures in Counselling and Psychotherapy. London, Sage Publications.   Hardback and paperback    Translated into Polish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean

Segal, J.C. (2002)  Phantasy.   InOn a Darkling Plain. Journeys into the Unconscious, ed Ivan Ward. Icon Books UK; Totem Books USA.  www.iconbooks.co.uk   Isbn  1-84046-343 0;  Translated into Portuguese 2005 by Carlos Mendes Rosa;  Relume dumara; ediouro,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  and  Segmento-Duetto, Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Also translated into Hebrew  ?2004

Segal, J.C. (2000)  Phantasy.  Ideas in Psychoanalysis. Icon Books UK; Totem Books USA.  Isbn  1-84046-189-6

Julia Segal and John Simkins. Helping children with ill or disabled parents; A guide for professionals.  Jessica Kingsley, London, September 1996   pb £15.95  post@jkp.com  www.jkp.com

Segal, Julia and Simkins, John. (1993)  My Mum Needs Me.  Helping children with ill or disabled parents.  Penguin Books, London.

Segal, J.C. (1985)  Phantasy in Everyday Life, Pelican Books. Reprinted Karnac Books 1995, 2005 London, and Aronson USA 1996.  www.karnacbooks.com

Book chapters:

Chapter on ‘Psychodynamic (Kleinian) Counselling and Psychotherapy’:in Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: The Essential Guide, Second Edition, edited by Stephen Palmer  (Updated version in preparation October 2012)

Chapter on Psychodynamic (Kleinian) Counselling and Psychotherapy’ in The Handbook of Individual Therapy  edsWindy Dryden, Andrew Reeves.  Sage publications  Update in press October 2012

Julia Segal.  Chapter 5.10 Psychodynamic therapy inThe Sage Handbook of Counselling and Psychotherapy. Eds Colin Feltham and Ian Horton.  2nd Edition (2006)  Sage Publications, London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi

Segal, J.C. (2001)  Counselling people with multiple sclerosis.  in Rehabilitation Counselling in Physical and Mental Health, , ed Kim Etherington, Jessica Kingsley, London and Philadelphia. www.jkp.com

Segal, J.C. (2001) Working as a counsellor in an NHS multidisciplinary team.

In Counsellors in Health Settings, ed Kim Etherington, Jessica Kingsley, London and Philadelphia.  www.jkp.com    post@jkp.com

Glickman, S and Segal J.C. (1999)  Consequences of the Neuropathic Bladder and Bowel for Patients.  In:  Neurology of Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Dysfunction,  ed.  Clare J. Fowler , Butterworth Heinemann, Boston

Segal, J.C. (1989) Counselling people with disabilities/chronic illnesses. In: Handbook of Counselling in Britain:  (eds Windy Dryden, Ray Woolfe and David Charles-Edwards) pp 329-346 Tavistock/Routledge, London.

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