Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen came to our house.

He wasn’t visiting me but we met in the kitchen.

My arms were full of a two year old son and I was drowning.

He looked at me and asked how I was.

I said I loved having a baby,

but sometimes I thought I was losing my brain.

which was a shame, after all my education.

‘It’ll come back,’ he said.

Then I could remember that my mother’s brain had come back when my sister was 6.

It was true.

He saved my brain.

I wish I could say to him now, ‘It’ll come back.’

About thetroublewithillness

I've been a counsellor for people with physical illnesses for a long time now, and learnt a lot about what it's like living with your own or someone else's illness. I want to pass some of this on.
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