Illness doesn’t always behave as it should

If you get ill, you should be able to go to the doctor, be told what is wrong,  be told how long the problem will last, perhaps be given medicine, or treatment and then get better.

Unfortunately it doesn’t always work this way.

There may not be a treatment

This does not feel fair, or right.  There should be treatments for all conditions.

You may not get better when they say you will.

  • The treatment may not work
  • They may treat you successfully – but then
    • you get worse again
    • you get another problem
    • you fall out of bed

You may turn out to have another problem you didn’t know about

  • This is really unfair.  One problem is enough.

The treatment makes you worse, or gives you another problem

  • This is even more unfair.  Doctors shouldn’t make you worse, they should make you better.

About thetroublewithillness

I've been a counsellor for people with physical illnesses for a long time now, and learnt a lot about what it's like living with your own or someone else's illness. I want to pass some of this on.
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