Speech problems get in the way

Speech problems can make you seem slow and stupid – to yourself and to other people.

Speech problems can make you feel people think you are stupid.

Speech problems slow you down – and other people have to learn to wait for you.

You may give up talking because it’s too much effort.

Other people will talk for you – and this can be irritating, even if they get it right.

Other people may not know whether you want them to complete your sentences or not.  They may not know how to ask.  You may not think to tell them.

Other people can give up listening because they haven’t got time – or because they are upset and angry at you for being slow, for being different, for not being the person you were…

Other people can feel they have lost you – and you can feel you are losing them, your role in the family, your life.

Other people can stop you talking without meaning to.

It is hard to parent teenage children – especially if you can’t talk as quickly or as loudly as them.

Your children can be embarrassed at your speech, particularly if it sounds slurred, as if you are drunk. Their embarrassment – or yours – can get in the way of being a good parent.

When people have got used to your speech problems, you may all learn to communicate in spite of them – but meanwhile, communication can be very frustrating for all concerned.

People around may not realise you could all communicate better if you all had help.  It may take a long time to seek help, and even longer to find it.



About thetroublewithillness

I've been a counsellor for people with physical illnesses for a long time now, and learnt a lot about what it's like living with your own or someone else's illness. I want to pass some of this on.
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